The First Swedish Work Lab Hackathon

Film: Tailor Films

On September 5th 2019 we gathered perspectives from multiple disciplines together for a one day hackathon, to explore and solve challenges facing the future workplace. We had bright minds with first-hand experience of facilitating others’ work life as well as experts from industries and areas either affecting or being affected by the changes seen throughout society.

During the day, each team was given a brief consisting of a year 2025 scenario, a human to focus on, and a challenge to solve. At the end of the day, we had ten smart and future-facing prototypes presented. The jury evaluated these based on how Human Enabling, Game Changing, and Doable they were.

The prize of having their ideas piloted by TRR Labs was taken home by (drumroll please) teams three, six, and ten, winning with their concepts: “Future-proof index”, “Swop-in”, and “Recruiter sims”! Check out their process throughout the day and hear them talk about their solutions below.

You’ll find all the teams here.

Team 3

Klaus Olsen, Malcolm Larri, Annika Waernér, Pernilla Tellefors, Johan Sandgren

Team 6

Charlotta Kronblad, Erik Fors-Andrée, Sofie Arvidsson, Carolina Sevä

Team 10

Olle Lundin, Anki Holmberg, Andreas Wessberg, Johan Zetterström

A glimpse from the day...

Photography: Emma Grann