Will you help us shape the future of work?

The Swedish Work Lab is a platform to explore what the rapid pace of change in society means for employees and employers in both the near and distant future. What does tomorrow’s work life actually look like? What previously unknown challenges may we be facing? What or who is required for our work lives to thrive?

Our 21st century work lives are constantly evolving. They’re shaped by technological breakthroughs, new economic models, and evolving educational formats. Legislation catches up to ideas and re-frames how businesses can be run. There’s an increased expectancy on companies’ moral compass, and matters of ethics and sustainability may determine both where individuals choose to work as well as where customers choose to take their business. It’s up to us to shape the future we want to work in.

On September 5th we gathered perspectives from multiple disciplines together for a one day hackathon, to explore and solve challenges facing the future workplace. The winning ideas were awarded the opportunity to be part of TRR Labs’ Pilot program, and will be explored further during the autumn.